Cramming, testing, striving, trying, pushing, tensing, holding, proving, conforming, competing,
narrowing, stressing…

Enquiring, wondering, sensing, interesting, opening, expanding, balancing, choosing, sharing, creating, understanding, developing, experimenting…

Which of these best describes your experience of education?

The word education comes from the Latin educere meaning ‘to draw, lead forth’, ie to draw out rather than put in!

Our education system has been letting us down for a very long time. Ask most people - children, teenagers, adults both young and old - and the most common complaint is, ‘Why didn’t they teach us something useful?’ You will also hear, ‘I’ve forgotten most of what I learned’ and ‘You just have to pass the exams’, etc. etc. Not only do we often not remember much, we also come out of school lacking in good coordination because of tension states, which create habitual patterns for the rest of our lives. We can feel ill-equipped to solve problems and are afraid to take risks on any level.

“We had to sit like dead specimens of some museum whilst lessons were pelted at us
from high like hailstones on flowers”


‘Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could provide an education system that allowed all children to grow and learn in an environment that encouraged the individual to be aware of themselves in all activities, making choices that provide the best means whereby to achieve their best in any given task?

“The most important thing is what the child is doing with itself in its activities”


Having spent most of my working life working in education and also having trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, F.M Alexander’s quote really rings true.  Being aware of what we are doing with ourselves in all activities prevents the conditioned reaction to rush for the end, to focus only on getting it ‘right’ which allows muscular tension to take hold because we are completely unaware of, or don’t care, what we are actually doing to/with ourselves!

Well we may not be able to change the education system in its entirety right now but we can - as teachers, parents and guardians - help to provide a more connected, inspiring and confidence-building journey for our children. Children are not stupid, they love to learn and to meet challenges with enthusiasm if we would only let them.

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Having been so saddened to see the high levels of tension that children, young people and adults carry,
I decided to write a little story for children called The Journey

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The journey is the reward.

Let’s give ourselves time to enjoy it!

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