The Alexander Technique was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955), and is a method which teaches us to use the self in a more effective and less stressful way.

Our habitual patterns of tension contribute to neck and back pain, muscle and joint problems, poor breathing, circulation and digestion. They also affect our balance, co-ordination, alignment and posture.  Stress, anxiety and confidence levels are also easily affected by our potential patterns of ‘holding’.

“This work does not change you radically, it just makes you more completely yourself; if you’re a burglar, it will simply make you a better burglar.”  F M ALEXANDER

The Alexander Technique helps us to identify our areas of over tension and how this interferes with our everyday movement and responses. We quickly realise that it is what we are doing to ourselves that determines the quality of our health on all levels.

The Technique can help anyone - whether you are suffering with back or other pain; or you wish to improve your performance as a musician, actor or sportsperson; or you want to be less stressed; or improve your posture - to name just a few of its potential applications (see right).

Watching those who excel in their field is awe-inspiring and sometimes breathtakingly unbelievable - how can they have such an amazing use of themselves?  But even though we can’t all be like them, with the Alexander Technique, we can all improve our own performance in the lives we choose to live; and be healthier and calmer in all that we do.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique involves you becoming more aware of your posture, movement and thinking in order to overcome unhelpful habits.  As our overall condition improves with this work, many specific symptoms start to disappear.  Many people therefore come to the Alexander Technique to deal with specific conditions, such as :

The Technique can also help improve:


This video was produced following research by the British Medical Journal which proved the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for the relief of back pain; and also provides a good introduction to the Technique.                                       More about this study>>

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Information for Doctors


“A reaction is out of the past;  a response is out of the present.”

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