I have been going to Anne's class for 9 years, she has the great ability to teach you as an individual even in a group setting and a deep understanding of her subject, which she passes on with passion and humour.   

Anne is a knowledgeable teacher who is enthusiastic, yet calm and patient. In all the years I’ve trained with her she has always remained professional, friendly and positive. I can’t think of a single lesson that I haven’t enjoyed with her no matter how frustrating it can get sometimes when I can’t quite grasp a movement. Anne is always there with encouragement and a smile and sometimes a little ‘Mickey taking’ which makes training with her a pleasure and I look forward to our classes together. Her classes are always great fun and relaxed.

I am a 50+ year old man who has memory problems after an accident. Anne has been patient and understanding and explained that the body has a better memory than the brain and guess what she was right!     

D Bleasdale, Hebden Bridge Mo Greenwood, Bacup

Love Anne’s class. Been coming to her class for a while and can definitely feel the benefit, in mind as well as body. Would definitely recommend.

Linda D, Bacup

I started Tai Chi a couple of years ago, with Anne being the Group instructor. In that time I have steadily progressed my abilities and this has been due to Anne’s expertise and capabilities in providing Tai Chi movement demonstrations and explanatory descriptions. In particular, Anne takes particular interest in the progress of individuals and will take the time needed to focus on my technique and progress, as she also does for other individuals attending her classes. The classes are most enjoyable.    

Brian, Hebden Bridge

Qigong exercises and Tai Chi forms are explained in a careful, step-by-step way. Anne’s classes are welcoming and paced in accordance with the individual student’s needs and abilities.

Ruth L, Hebden Bridge

Anne began teaching me Tai Chi and Qigong five years ago. She is living proof of her Art, professional, friendly, calm, patient and understanding. Anne tailors her classes for everyone, beginners are supported alongside more advanced practitioners but everyone has great fun, bound together in the true spirit of Tai Chi.

Unnatural living, sitting at desks, work and being ‘stressed out’ need a counterbalance. Anne lets us ‘chill out’ and provides the platform to become aware of our own sensitivity by teaching the ‘Form’ and ‘Pushing Hands’, techniques which maximise results with minimum effort. We are taught to open joints and increase blood and energy circulation, to lengthen our frame and muscles and to develop an awareness of our own consciousness and sensitivity. We are taught to become the whole, to connect mind and body and to develop a mental and physical robustness we need for the demands of modern living.

For anyone who is thinking of joining a Tai Chi class I wholeheartedly recommend Anne’s classes.

David G, Burnley

I would like to say how much I enjoy Anne’s Tai Chi classes in Burnley and Hebden Bridge. Her teaching expertise and skill helps me to relax and improve my balance and although a Martial Art it has helped my game of golf. I practice the warming-up exercises daily to help me start the day with a clear head and it eases the aches and pains.  

Brenda R, Burnley & Hebden Bridge

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